35 Questions #13: Back to the … Actually, Not Sure When

Never Forget Let's never go back to '63, either.

Never Forget
Let’s never go back to ’63, either.

13: Do you time travel?
My first ACNL town, Newdood, was set two hours ahead of my timezone (so I could play the game and visit Main Street before I had to go to work), but otherwise, Newdood did not time travel.  The idea was to experience the game as it unfolded and time became available to me.

There are some challenges with that approach, however – what do you do if your free time is after ReTail closes?  What if your favorite villager is a late riser?  What if you just want to move on to the next day?  So the second time around in Sardine, I decided to time travel.  Forget time zones, man, that town lives in its own dang time field.  I call it Sardine Standard Time.

From Kawaii Chai (http://kawaiichai.com/ask/)