They Call It Perfect

Everybody’s got skills of one sort or another.  Me, I’ve always been able to eyeball my way to a “perfect” Animal Crossing town.  There’s a certain spacing you want with the trees, neither too much nor too little.  Adding more flowers never hurt anybody (until you can’t deal with watering them anymore).  NEVER, EVER litter, not even for the sake of “I’m just dropping this to empty my pockets and I’ll pick it up on my way back!”  (I, at least, always forget to pick it up because I never take the same way back.)  Add sufficient Public Works Projects to convince your villagers you’re really into this perfection business, and ta-da!  As Lyle would say, “Those chops?  Busted.  Golden can.  Boom.”

Everyone Loves Sardine! Except, you know, the mayor.

Everyone Loves Sardine!
Except, you know, the mayor.

But by my standards …


I’m not great with town “themes,” so instead, I am for organization and a pleasing consistency.  Everything must look just so, which ends up turning the town into a timesink.  I seriously spend way too much time agonizing about flower arrangements, shrub placement, fruit tree locations, etc. etc. etc.

For example: I’ll spend an afternoon cutting down and replanting all the trees on one side of town so there’s exactly one space between them and a nearby shrub.  I then fill each space with a red flower!  Looks nice.  Real nice.

But once the trees have grown, I inevitably decide I hate the whole one-space-between idea, because it takes up too much space!  So then I find myself cutting all the trees down and replanting them all over again so there’s no space.  In so doing, I have now made relocating the red flowers a necessity.  But where should I move them?  I’ll line the border of the river, that’s where!

And then a couple days later, I’ll come to realize that covering everything in flowers is so Newdood.  Sardine is different.  Sardine needs some open space.  Those flowers gotta go somewhere else.

Rinse and repeat.

Excuse Me While I ...

Excuse Me While I …

Public Works Projects are, of course, a running issue.  I finally (FINALLY) got lucky and Keaton removed himself from Sardine town limits, which means Marlie has her original path placement (and thus her lawn) back.  In order to keep anybody else from moving in the same spot, I dumped some flower beds around her house.  They’re cheap, they protect the hybrids I want to showcase, and …

… ya know, now that I think about it, they look kinda stupid.

Speaking of paths, I got real ambitious, and made a new one.

Sardine's Path Ten total patterns, and still imperfect!

Sardine’s Path
Ten total patterns, and still imperfect!*

I hate it.

I mean, I like it more than the one I had.  But the little gaps in the corners drive me a wee bit nuts, and I haven’t figured out how to solve that problem yet.


* This is Calla, who holds all the pattern pieces.  Mayor Marlie didn’t have enough room for that kinda complexity.


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